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 Business Master for Facebook

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Tired of only being able to publish your Facebook post to one group at a time?

Business Master for Facebook allows you to create a message, and then simultaneously post that message to all of the groups that you subscribe to on Facebook.

... but it doesn't stop there, as the app also features;

  • Health check to ensure your full business details are listed on Facebook
  • Post a celebration for today, such as a Happy Easter banner
  • Include a picture on a post
  • Schedule a posts start time
  • Schedule posts, staggered off set across groups
  • See people who like your posts this month
  • Show most Liked post across all groups
  • Show most liked post per group
  • Auto like any comment on your posts

Our simple to use app, saves you time and effort, by managing your business presence on Facebook

The Red Two Apps Team


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